Rich Pickins

Slot machine test: rich Pickins

Fruit slots there is no lack in the Internet truly, but not all of them can really convince. "Rich Pickins" but definitely belongs to the better sort, what is of course also because that belongs to the latest generation of slot machine. The slot machine was developed by Electracade, which belongs to the OpenBet home. Play you can "Rich Pickins" in different online casinos, partly in fun mode. But without the possibility of real profits to retract.

"Rich Pickins" puts you on a farm, where you'll get enough to do. There is no shortage on fresh air and also fresh vegetables. This "Rich Pickins" convinces not only with a nice design - along with cows and co. - but also with playful finesse. For example, the trip to the market, in order to get rid of the crop profitably. Especially you should also pay attention to the Golden Apple, because he is not a food, but raises bonus features that will please you and your account. If you've got the desire, you can go directly online with "Rich Pickins".

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As also the farmer leaves row by row, in order to obtain his harvest, goes for you too, that the first commandment of the series have. You win because unless you a round at least three of the same symbols in a row did. Where a number is not necessarily only horizontal proceeding. The line, of which there are 20 units in 'Rich Pickins' are important as a basis. And you run anything other than only horizontally, but also go to zig-zag course. In any case, each line covers exactly five fields, what can also represent the longest series. Series of four or five identical symbols give you more profit.

Important is that a number starts always far left and is not interrupted by other motives. The height of your earnings is calculated not only with the respective symbol and the length of the imaginary number, but even after your use, you play per line.

Harvest alone is about size, so you should be happy about the letters and numbers. Bring only a small yield, but in hardly one other slot these motifs shine so beautiful like in "rich Pickins".

A question of perspective is whether the fruit in 'Rich Pickins' are really edible, probably. The cherries, lemon and watermelon are namely made of diamonds and are thus hardly inviting. At least as food. As symbols, they bring good harvest weight. Even better is because the only thing the "rich Pickins"-symbol that can multiply your stake with a regular factor.

You should look after the farmer symbol, because the cheerful smiling field hands is the wild scene. Thus you substitutes for other symbols and complete series. And you should be the farmers five times on a payline spin, then it multiplies your bet with the rich factor of 1000. Not bad for a few crops.

The Golden Apple appears on reels 1 and 5, start the bonus game. Two different bonus rounds are then available. You can freely choose and reward you with a bonus wins.

Slot machines instructions by rich Pickins

To play by "Rich Pickins" you don't much need. When you load money into your online casino account, you can play for real prizes also. So but not everything is left to chance, you can change the number of pay lines and bet at the beginning. The result of course even better potential profits. Fewer paylines but reduce your chances to be able to make any order.

Your attention should be in addition to the three baskets, which can increase the jackpot of "Rich Pickins". At some point, you can then get the crop to market and get your deserved reward. Easily make, but it is not, because "Rich Pickins" has no auto start function.